B E N   D A L L A S a n n o u n c e m e n t s p r o j e c t s i m a g e   i n d e x n e x t

DAA (Dual Application Agency) was established in 2002 as a project that investigates the possibilities of collaborative artistic inquiry and practice. While open to established cooperative methods where individual artists contribute their parts to one artistic production, Its more specific intention is to create significant art collectively through exploring the possibilities of artists working together simultaneously to produce imagery of shared authorship.

DAA has been initiated as a partnership between Chicago artists Burleigh Kronquist and Ben Dallas.

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    P O S T H U M O U S   P O R T R A I T   P R O J E C T

This ongoing project of "portrait" paintings explores the possibilities of intensifying content for images without identifiable subject matter. It consists of non-objective paintings made of cremated human remains on stretched linen.

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    L A N G U A G E   P R O J E C T S    

"STATEMENTS",   "TEE SHIRT MATERIAL" (cards),   "EYE OF THE BEHOLDER..." (cards),   "WRONG" (cards)

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